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I been spending perhaps way to much time getting to learn the Xen Cloud Platform over the last couple of weeks. I have been beating my brains the last couple of nights trying to figure out why certain features were not showing in XenCenter client. Why does XenCenter report that the license is going to expire in 30 days (even though XCP is FOSS). After a prolong search I came across mailing list with the answers I seek. Basically XenCenter treats XCP as a really old version of XenServer, even though XCP is based on XenServer 5.6 FP1. To get around this just do the following:

Create a new file in /etc/xensource/ and name it xapi_version_override

In this file place this value of 5.6.199 in it.

Now just restart XCP and next time you bring up XenCenter it will see XCP as 5.6.199. As for licensing, you can apparently apply the free license to XCP if you desire to. But in the end it is a none issue none functionality will be going away.

So GF and I had a trip up to zion for a couple friends’ wedding. I must say that park is so photo worthy. Have to go back again and camp a couple nights next time. Any case we took a bunch of photos and I am pretty much forcing myself to get good at manual mode purely. I think I am getting the hang of it.

This photo was taken just outside of the junction to 89 and 89a. It just along the hill climb to page az.

The image is tad bit on the dark side, but I wanted to capture as much range as possible, so I did this on purpose.

This is the horseshoe bend in the Colorado river that I missed last time I was in page. That is Laura in the foreground.

I so need a wide angle lens

yep, wide angle please.

Now for a few pics within Zion national park.

yeah I got a lot of pics. This is only a small sample of them. This is on our trek back

We are just north of the bridge over glen canyon.

The new bridge over the canyon

We were on the old bridge

Looking down at the rafters, that is a long way down.

I need to upload photos from the other trip to California I had. Nice little festival at the Thai temple in Van Nuys. My little sister won second place.

Just got started (finally) on my next sub project. This will be a maelstrom-x housed in a rather wide enclosure and tuned to between 17 and 18Hz. I need to do some final math to get the tunning down.

Here is what the model of the box will look like.

Definitely less ambitious from what was originally envisioned. We’ll see how the next build goes. For now I got a pile of fresh cut Baltic birch that needs some attention.

So I took my brother out to tempe for some practice with the camera gear. I wish I really had a body that can do high ISO cleanly like the Canon 7d or 5DMKII. It would make taking some of these shots much easy and cleaning looking. At least we got some good practice in low light situations with the full manual mods.

I post a few of the shots on my image hosting site.

A side note, Gallery 3 Beta 3 is turning out very nicely. Much quicker than beta 2 was. I look forward to the final release of this software.

I never did get around to posting a few pics of the arcade controller I have yet to complete. I got a lot of wiring left to do to the controller board, but I at least have the wiring completed for the buttons, joystick, and led lights.

Inside the stick
Inside the arcade stick


Near Finished

I finally got around to re wrapping my home theater sub with better adhesive and a different material. I also completed stain and paint of my Zaph Audio ZDT 3.5 towers

Sub Rewrapped

Back of right tower

Center Channel Front

Right Tower

Left Tower

Now I am thinking of what can be done better, what can I get improved with the sound. Unfortunately that costs a lot more money, so I will only think about it for now. ;)

Took me a while to get around to posting this. First off, yes I am still seeking employment. I been on a few interviews, I just haven’t gotten an offer yet. Beyond that I keep pretty busy. Here is what I have been done the last month.

Project AlanM. A friend of mine wanted to add a sub for his music listening purposes and make use of one of the three EHQS subs we got for cheap. So below are the pics of the build. It will sit under his desk and double as a foot rest, so the finished looks didn’t matter to much.

You know there is a rule that you can never have to many clamps. Time and time again I have proven this to be true. I keep buying more clamps and I still manage to make use of them all. Any case on to the pics.

Here is our Sketchup drawing of the project.

The first few joints to be made.
Beging of the project

The cutout where the sub will be placed.

Me running low on clamps

The first couple of bracings and back piece.

The sub hole cutout with out all the fun clamps.

The completed box with a relocated amp to the end of it. We were doing some late night testing while GF was fast asleep. Sounded pretty good for such a low cost woofer. Alan is pretty happy with the resulting sound, and that is what counts. Plus the foot rest part I hear is great ;).

Square port
Square Port

side view



I got more to post, but that is it for this particular post.

Just recently helped a friend complete his first DIY subwoofer. He is happy with the sound so far and the design leaves room for a driver upgrade for even more output. I went and made this design a bit different as far as the looks go for the port. We went with a triangular shaped port instead of a slotted port or traditional round one. The port is going out the front and speaker itself is offset by an 1 off center to complement the look. For a $15 dollar sub, it sounds pretty good, it doesn’t go to low, but does at least hit the 20hz area nicely.

Here are a few pics of the sub.

Clamping for the triangular port before cutting. That was a challenge to clamp. Only the first baffle has been attached so far.
Triangle port 1

Front of box with second baffle attached.

First coat of primmer applied. This really helps seal the MDF up, and makes getting rid of the fine lines easier. Granted there is a lot of sanding involved.

Back of box with sub amp hole cut out.

A closure look at the triangular port.

First coat of paint with cheap spray paint. (Note never use cheap spray paint, it sucks period)

Second coat with much better quality spray paint. It actually doesn’t dry in the air.

Harley will need to upload the other photos he has on his camera. But that includes the final look with sating lacquer applied. Over all it sounds good, leaves some room for improvement and he is happy with the results.

So I came across an interesting thread over at Anandtech forums talking about Apples expose. This link came up in the thread that clones the expose functionality on windows. I must say it is pretty useful so far.